The Ruins of Tol Lorathus

in which we explore the remains of the city of dwarves and eladrin

Derek fun points: +4

Having been scattered across time and space, the companions were reunited (after months of their own adventures) by an eladrin named Althaea, sent by Aban Aldorian.

Almost everyone had met up with Aban Aldorian throughout various points in time before coming back together. Tzira, trapped in a frozen version of the present, was able to find out a great deal about the eladrin.

The Wintershard Fey were under the leadership of the Prince of Frost, searching out the Raven Queen’s true name so that they could divide her domains with Vecna.

Emkel and the lamia had edited many of the prophecies in the great hall – and Emkel is still on the loose.

The dwarves from Mystrar were saved, and put on a ship to the continent. Thorngrim tried to impart some primal wisdom on them to guide them during their journey.

Norauk gave the Hand of Vecna to Gentoo… Thorngrim chewed off his arm so that he could attach it. It seemed to like the match…

We need to find an artifact (the Amythest Dragon) to travel through time and rescue Thorn.

Thorngrim used 840 gp to buy claw gloves (level 4)

Not trusting the pilot for the only ship we found that could fly up to Tol Lorathus, we decided to allow Gentoo (with the Hand of Vecna) to cast a teleportation ritual to send us to the city. And apparently paid twice as much as he needed to for the ritual components.

The ruins were overgrown, the sky darker than down below and other islands float in the distance.

  • find the artifact the Amethyst Dragon to rescue Thorn from being scattered across time
  • recover the original prophecies of the uncorrupted Lady Sar
  • figure out what’s up with Emkel – or the creature using his form
  • recovering artifacts – the Shield that Bore the Fate of a Nation’s Hopes and the Sword of Unmaking
  • find the dwarven power in Tol Lorathus

Exploring the ruins, they seem devoid of most life. There were no signs of further destruction or violence. It is unnaturally quiet: no insects, birds, etc.

Finding a hole, we discovered an enormous underground cavern and had to basically repel straight down into the darkness. The ruined city smelled of decaying bodies and earth. Unnaturally cold, the air immediately dried out everyone’s mouths, as if they hadn’t drank in days.

As everyone else climbed down, a watery creature claiming to be a water weird (Clara) appeared, talking calmly – but every now and then her voice is warped and twisted. She warned that the Zasath had noticed us and was on its way. “There is no place to hide. Everyone tried to hide before…”

The water weird explained that the city was once ruled by an elf and a dwarf together, their children raised together.

Spectral eladrin appeared at the edge of our light – and combat ensued! During the fight, the eladrin mentioned that we would never find “the children.”

Defeating the spectral creature, the water weird was fading away and gifted us with 6 potions of clarity. She also hinted that finding the children could help lift the curse from the city.

Exploring the city, we walk around the enormous sphere – made of the same material as the teleportation gates. Apparently this is a nexus, a gathering of dimensional energy.

We passed through the veil to the fewild and heard the voices of children, whispering that we should come play with them – and that they are being hurt…

Entering the building, we found a classroom with desks and children’s games – and a giant pile of bones. As we approached, it exploded! Combat ensued (while Gentoo played the game on the wall)!

After the fight, Thorngrim and Surina try to re-arrange the bones of the children to put them to rest, but the bones seem to resist. And everyone else plays around with the children’s game on the wall to solve puzzles…

Solving the children’s puzzle, it reveals a secret passageway (with a gold star!) Tzira and Thorngrim crawled through to find a dwarven child’s skeleton wearing an amulet (amber gem, with the name “Karaz-u-dol” written in dwarven – amulet of attenuation level 14).

When we laid the bones to rest back in the physical world, the specter of the boy appeared, thanking us. When asked if the city was at peace when he died, he answered “Yes…” before fading away.

Further exploring the ruined city, we ran across a monstrous gibbering creature, a larger version of the gibbering mouther (which keeps screaming “Quoris” – the name of a pyromancer from ancient Tol Lorathus). Combat ensued!

Within the corpse of the creature, we found an eladrin ring of passage (with a flame emblazoned on it) and a book of arcane rituals.

Total Treasure for the session:
  • potion of clarity x6 (level 10) (everyone got one)
  • amulet of attenuation (level 14) (Norauk)
  • eladrin ring of passage (level 14) (Gentoo took)
  • ritual book of Quoris (including the rituals: Analyze Portal, Shadow Passage, Tenser’s Binding, History Revealed, Linked Portal, Seal Portal, Shadow Bridge, Fey Passage, Sending, Phantom Steed, Arcane Lock, Last Sight Vision, Eye of Alarm, Silence, Comprehend Language, Make Whole)

Current Equipment Listing:

  • Steadfast Amulet +2: 8
  • Boots of Free Movement :6
  • Bloodguard Shield Light Shield: 2
  • Frost Longsword +2: 8
  • Scale Armor of Sacrifice +3: 15
  • Fey-Blessed Circlet: 8
  • potion of clarity (level 10)
  • wound patch (level 3)
  • potion of vitality (level 15) Total: 47 levels
  • Footpad’s Friend Short Sword +2: 10
  • Quickling Boots: 8
  • Deathcut Leather Armor +2: 10
  • Necklace of Keys +3: 13
  • Cherished Ring: 14
  • Sure Shot Gloves: 9
  • potion of clarity (level 10)
  • potion of healing (heroic)
  • tanglefoot bag x2 (level 2)
  • clearsense powder (level 1) Total: 64 levels
  • Pact Blade Short Sword +3: 13
  • Quickcurse Rod +2: 7
  • Bloodcurse Rod +1: 4
  • Golden Orb of Baramus: 26
  • Feytouched Leather Armor +3: 12
  • Choker of Elequence +2: 8
  • Bracers of the Perfect Shot: 3
  • eladrin ring of passage (level 14)
  • potions of clarity (level 10) Total: 60 levels
  • Vicious Greataxe +2: 7
  • Amulet of Attentuation +3: 14
  • Bloodsoaked Bracers: 10
  • Lifefont Hide Armor +3: 14
  • Death Spiral Ring: 16
  • potions of clarity (level 10) Total: 61 levels
  • Claw Gloves: 4
  • Shroud of Ravens +3: 13
  • Dwarven Greaves: 7
  • Iron Armbands of Power: 6
  • Horned Helm: 6
  • Amulet of Physical Resolve: 6
  • Bestial Armor: 3
  • potions of clarity (level 10) Total: 45 levels



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