The Beginning of the End

In which half the part is in Carceri and half battling a full suite of elemental titans

Derek fun points: 13

  • Dread Pirate Roberts: encounter, push adjacent enemies 1 sq
  • Extra Batteries: recharge magic item power
  • Use the Force: reroll attack roll
  • Keep a Clear Head: immune to daze until the end of the encounter

Alchemical Items:

  • Keen Oil x5 each to Tzira, Surina and Naurak (used 3) (minor, crit on 19-20 until end of next turn)
  • Woundpatch x1 to Naurak & Surina, x2 to Thorngrim (minor, +10 hp when spend healing surge)
  • Acidic Fire (lvl 15) x1 (+18 Reflex, burst 1 in 10, 2d6 fire + ongoing 5 acid)
  • Sovereign Glue (lvl 8) x1
  • Slow-step Oil (lvl 13) x1 (standard, +16 Fort, slowed) to Surina
  • Dragonfire Tar (lvl 13) (+16 Reflex, range 5/10, ongoing 10 fire)
  • Bloodstinger Poison (lvl 13) x2 (standard, +16 Fortitude, ongoing 5 poison) one to Naurak & one to Surina
  • Alchemist’s Frost (lvl 11) x2 (+14 Reflex, range 5/10, 2d10 cold and slowed, half on miss)
  • Alchemist’s Fire (lvl 11) x2 (+14 Reflex, burst 1 in 10, 3d6 fire, half on miss)

Total Treasure Remaining:

  • 12,762 gp

Inathriumkavendil launches into a traditional immortal soliloquy about the pain of seeing everyone he love die, and then…

Combat ensued!

During the fight, Gentoo’s honeyed tongue and Surina’s fierce temper was able to convince Inathrumkavendil that another kindred still lives, convincing him to turn against the tulgar and fight against Neverdusk to redeem himself. He also hints that he does not have long to try to redeem himself…

Inathriumkavendil revealed that he made a deal long ago with Aban Aldorian for a power that could save his people. All of his people died when Bane slew their god. Aban apparently told him the Golden Orb of Baramas could restore his race. He thought Aban had betrayed him and Inathriumkavendil made a deal with the rhavaasta Shemeshka the Marauder to get his revenge. He knew that allying with Shemeshka meant gaining power from (and for) Tharizdun.

He also explains that Vidalgo already left with the blood of Aoskar for Carceri, heading to a gate there to release Tharizdun. he reinforces the protections on the orb, utters a final few warnings, and dissolves into ash.

In the next chamber, we find an empty platinum basin – and the doors slam shut, mystical symbols lining the walls. A voice calls out, naming the Companions blasphemers and intruders. They manage to convince the voice that they aren’t evil, and the voice reveals that Aoskar was killed by all the gods – he created the door to Tharizdun’s prison, and was killed for knowing how to open it again. The Lady of Pain was once a god, but gave up her divinity after he was killed.

Aoskar gives the Companions his blood, telling them to drink of it and achieve their destinies. Each of them begins to feel a new awareness with the cosmos and the blood of Aoskar courses through them.

The Falcon and her crew teleport in and the Companions explain the situation to them. Melody is able to see Inathriumkavendil and Garheart analyzes the obsidian woodpecker to determine that it can undo some of the past.

The Companions explain their plan to the Falcon, tasking her with freeing the Lady of Pain while they attempt to stop Tharizdun’s escape.

The Companion’s use the tunnel Inathriumkavendil burned into the temple to arise back to the Palace of Pain. They notice a cranium rat scuttling across the floor, and that the apartment is clean of all personal effects. They also notice some canine footsteps, perhaps fox-feet…

Storming into the Temple to the Abyss, the Companions easily dispatch assorted demons that try to stop them. In the chamber beyond, they find a welcoming party: a nalfashnee, an efreet wielding the sword (axe) of Kas, an airsoul genasi, a stone giant, Vidalgo Lassar, the rhavaasta Kuniri/Shemeshka and Dax, the githzerai in our crew. Kaelvar and his sister are tied up against the wall with enormous, spiked pendulums poised to crush them both.

Kuniri commands the Companions to stop and choose which one will die, but Gentoo fae-switched with Kaelvar to rescue him, and Kuniri dropped the pendulums on them both.

Combat ensued!

And was even more complicated when Surina and Tzira leapt through the portal to Carceri – and the portal closed on them, dividing the party…



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