The End of the End
In which we manage to lock Tharizdun away forever and rescue the Raven Queen

Derek fun points: 13

  • Dread Pirate Roberts: encounter, push adjacent enemies 1 sq
  • Extra Batteries: recharge magic item power
  • Use the Force: reroll attack roll
  • Keep a Clear Head: immune to daze until the end of the encounter

The fight continues.

During the fight, Thorngrim manages to kill a Nalfashnee almost by himself and Naurak takes down a greater air elemental himself. Gentoo convinced Kaelvar to see the light of justice and help the Companions again. Surina and Tzira dispatch the elemental apostles and kill the traitor, Dak.

At the end of the battle, the Lady of Pain arrives and offers a boon for being responsible for her release – they ask her to allow the portal to Carceri to re-open, but a sacrifice is still required: Naurak volunteers and impales himself before anyone can stop him.

Reuniting, the Companions split up: Surina is left back in Sigil as she remains unconscious and the Falcon and Chance join the party. Mirana warns that the Raven Queen is under attack in the Shadowfell, besieged by the forces of Orcus.

Following the tracks of Irinuk and Vadalgo, the Companions find that the landscape of Carceri has turned to flesh, and even part of the Black Gate is flesh now.

Arriving at the Gate, the Companions find Vadalgo and Irinuk engaged in a ritual.

Combat ensues!

During the fight, the Falcon manages to destroy Machtiel with Calenbrin, releasing the angels within.

Chance and Thorngrim both fall during the fight as well, but the rest of the Companions are able to escape, after having given Aban Aldorian the Orb so he could jump into the gate to seal it from the inside. Irinuk and Vadalgo also both fell during the battle.

Back in the Raven Queen’s keep, the armies of Orcus and Vecna broke through her defenses, assaulting her inner fortress while the dead Companions (Thorngrim, Naurak, Surina) try to fight the evil forces. They were able to save the Raven Queen, in the end. She restored them to life so they could continue their work.

Gentoo is almost corrupted by Tharizdun’s influence (allowing him to return to the world), but he manages to overcome it.

And they all lived happily ever after.


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