Journey to the Past
The heroes help the dwarves investigate tainted mines, but they find more than they bargained for...

The day began mid-morning at the Half Moon Inn with the adventurers peering over a letter recovered from Krand's quarters. The letter instructed Krand to ship the women out on an airship named the White Lion, which was bound for the city of Delos. The letter also elicited that the women should be human with black-hair and possess some sort of magical abilities.

Next up was an activity quickly becoming a party favorite: interrogation. The doppelganger claimed to be sent from the Grimmerzhul Duergar (who were earlier discovered to be shipping out magical relics for Lord Ackann). Always astute, Thorn quickly determined the creature was lying. After some additional persuasion, the doppelganger admitted to being sent from a tiefling named Noristro of House Lassar. He was instructed to secure G'indelis Aldorian, whom he believed to be Gentoo. He was also instructed to make it seem as though the Dwaregare were responsible. He knew little of the motives behind the plot, but did have some additional information to offer: Lord Ackann and Noristro were rival members of the Redwater Guild.

When it was determined there was little else to be learned from the changeling, in a surprising act of mercy, Thorn pushed for the release of the creature. Shocked, the party could only agree and allowed the changeling to bolt from the inn.

In light of the threat of creatures that could pretend to be anyone, the members elected to use a "safety word" to distinguish friend from foe. The word chosen was: "BANANA."

Alas, Thorn's mercy was short-lived, for she once again turned her typically sour demeanor on Gentoo. Gentoo, still sore from the previous night's activities, conceded that his true name was, in fact, G'indelis Aldorian. He also admitted to having problems in the past with the Redwater Guild, though he was vague about what the issue actually was. Further questioning once again ensued about the mysterious burden he concealed within his pack; but he insisted such matters were unrelated.

At this point, the party's inquisitiveness redirected onto Thorn as she was exposed lying about her relationship with Zerrixa (she claimed to have known her as an old friend, but it was clear in the Chamber of Eyes that that was the first time she had seen the woman). Promising not to harm Zerrixa and to share anything she gleamed from her conversation with the woman, the party acquiesced to letting Thorn speak with Zerrixa in private.

Tired of bickering, the party tromped down the Half Moon's stairs. Surina informed the halfling innkeeper of the trouble that ensued in the night and the mess in Gentoo's room. Aghast, she sent her nephew up to tend to the mess. Thorn had a private conversation with Zurixa, from which she shared that the Shadar-kai had been the ones responsible for the wanted poster. After checking on the dark-haired women, the party set off with the Deepgem Company of dwarves.

After descending the deepstair, the adventurers took an elevator down through the dwarves' mines into a natural cavern. There, they encountered several Troglodytes speaking Draconic and wearing the symbol of the chain god known as Tharizdun the Mad God. They also found badly beaten bodies of several dwarves. Continuing deeper into the cavern, the party encountered a Barlgura, several zombies, and some aberrant-like carrion crawler entities like those seen around the portals. The room where this encounter took place contained several large cracks on the floor, at the bottom of the which could be seen a gray-colored twisting force of raw energy. Passing over these cracks had various effects on the travelers and the monsters.

Continuing still further on, the company came to a ledge over a much more expansive cavern made up of several step-like ledges. In the cavern could be seen several putrescent sacks, several large glowing crystals, a stream of water, and a gigantic skull. The entire place seemed to be lit up by an eerie gray glow like that seen in the cracks of the previous room. The badly warped bodies of several dwarves could be seen on the cavern floor below. Extra eyes and limbs covered the bodies such that it was not initially clear that, at one point, the cadavers had been dwarven miners.

Tzira launched an arrow into one of the sacks, after which it popped and released several aberrant creatures. The other sacks also began popping and spawning similar abominations. After some initial volleys from both sides, a mass of tendrils and eyes began to rise up out of the skull on the cavern floor. It was clear that the creature was a Grell; and that the Grell had a strong interest in Gentoo. It began floating across the cavern toward him. Surina charged at the Grell and leaped through the air taking a swing with her weapon. A close miss, she sank rather than fell down from the ledge - she had been caught in a large jelly.

As the battle ensued, Gentoo found he could use the crystals to teleport large distances around the cavern. The party also struggled to release Surina from the jelly's grasp without becoming engulfed themselves. Progressing further into the cavern during the battle, a portal, clearly activated, was observed -
and in front of the portal stood a black-robed figure. While silently observing the portal and the battle, Thorn abandoned Gentoo to the wiles of the Grell and the others to the clutches of the jelly and made a savage attack against the black-robed figure. However, her blade was repelled by a strong, invisible force. The figure slowly spoke in a loud yet whispering voice, "There is nothing you can do." then disappeared into the gate.

Locked into a battle of wills with the Grell, Gentoo was forced to drop his pack, which basically disintegrated as it fell onto the floor. As the party dispatched the last of the creatures, the cavern began to shake violently, particularly when Gentoo, holding by its drawstrings a suede bag in which was visible a bright, orb-shaped light, drew past the large skull on the cavern floor. However, the rumbling subsided as the party made their way up the steps and back out of the cavern.

Shaken by the encounter, an argument ensued within the party. After heated debate, it was decided that both the Mages of Saruun and The Talon should be made aware of the manner at hand. After a return journey to Thunderport, the party met one of the Mages at the front gate to the city. However, the party's concerns were repelled with blatant disinterest. The Mages could not be bothered with matters outside of the city's borders; and the magic required to seal the gate would be far too expensive to be worthwhile.

Realizing that additional dealings with the Mages of Saruun would be futile, the party was able to meet with The Talon aboard their airship. After hearing the travelers' story, the Falcon and her brother Gerhart members were able to provide some insight into the events at hand.

The party received both a history and a magic lesson. <Greg will fill in later…>

The lesson ended when Gerhart mentions that the crystals encountered by his adventuring party were black on their first excursion to the portal, which was when they contracted their various sicknesses. On their return to the portal, the crystals were found to have turned white. At this second exposure, the Talon's ailments were cured. At the mention of crystals reacting to gates, Tzira began chattering about Gentoo's pack. Thorn attempted to silence her, but it was too late. Gerhart offered his help in identifying the item in question.

Weary from his burden, Gentoo conceded to displaying the item once and for all, sighing, "Very well." He brought up the drawstring bag from his lap and folded it inside-out to reveal an onyx-colored, fist-sized orb with golden runes spinning about it. As soon as the orb emerged from its holding, it began to glow brighter and brighter such that nothing else could be seen. The light then subsided. As each of the members looked about, they found that all their companions looked different.

Kaelvar: Kael, dragonborn fighter
    Grizzled dragonborn with dozens of scars. He wields a waraxe, a large two handed axe, the blades of which are the profiles of dragonheads.

Thorn: Mirana, human Cleric of the Raven Queen (woman from Wanted Poster)
Raven hair, with a white complexion and sad eyes. Her equipment is emblazoned with the image of the Raven Queen. She wears blue, white, and black, and upon her back she has a tattoo of black wings.

Thorngrim: Inathriamkavendil, kindred warlock
    This humanoids face seems to fluctuate and phase in and out of existence as you behold it. Runes are scribed all across his skin. He has a hard expression, as one who has witnessed horrors. His eyes glow a vibrant blue, and he wears rune inscribed clothing with imagery or circles, particularly, the ouroboros.

Tzira: Naivara, eladrin of Cendriane, rogue
    This eladrin has vibrant violet eyes and moves with fluidity and grace. Her face is like porcelain, without a wrinkle or mar. The only marks upon her skin are tattoos of a a green crescent moon. She has golden hair that seems to glow, and she wields a pair of daggers that have blades like bolts of lightning.

Gentoo: Aban Aldorian, half-elf wizard
    This half-elf has the most normal appearance of everyone. He wears an unassuming tunic and breeches. He carries an orb in one hand (which you recognize), and in the other, he wields a staff with four floating discs above it. Despite his modest clothes, he has a serious expression. With dark hair and a dark beard, he wears a serious, thoughtful expression. His eyes are dark brown, almost black.

Surina: Sunliin, genasi of Crysanth, paladin of Vanya
    This elemental humanoid appears to be partly made of water, fire, ice, and earth. She bears a shield of pure crystal that seems to contain an elemental storm within it surface. On the shield is the symbol of a multifaceted crystal in the shape of a chrysanthemum. She wields a longsword that looks like platinum and glows white. It has an angel for the hilt, and the angel is clasping a red jewel. She is clad in platemail. She has a soft, merciful expression and bears a holy symbol that looks like a set of metallic angel wings in the shape of a V.

Looking about their new surroundings, it was clear that it was the cavern in which they had encountered the most recent portal. However, now there was no portal. There was also no water, stairs, crystals, or skull. Instead, there were several aberrant creatures about. It was also clear that a battle had been ensuing for some time now. Still more apparent was the main antagonist of the battle, standing where the skull had been in the cavern the party knew. Standing before the combatants was a giant, fiersome dragon.

Session 7: Old Suspicions Turned Out to be Justified
Wherein Derek is made very sad about how Obsiian portal doesn't auto-save drafts

My original notes were lost, so please go over these and if I missed anything, feel free to add it.

Thorn disappears, leaving a note that she was going to do some “soul-searching.”

The rest of the Companions assault Noristro’s manor, finding that someone else had beaten them to it and a battle had already begun. Soundly defeating Noristro, they learn that a man introducing himself as the “Valaskan” was on his own vengeance quest (looking for the pirate captain Bartholemew Fallon) and wanted information from Noristro as well.

Interrogating Noristro, he reveals that his daughter had been kidnapped to force him to obey the Red Water Guild, and that he had tried to kidnap Gentoo for leverage and to blackmail Gentoo’s uncle (who is apparently the real power in Gentoo’s family).

He confirms that Vidalgo Lassar is in New Yarwin, with an estate south, outside of town. Noristro tells the Companions to look for Idad in the inn “The Seventh Heart,” who was his contact for the Red Water Guild there.

He also explains that Bartholemew came through Thunderport recently, picking up humanoid cargo (apparently a lot of dwarves) and heading north (location was mentioned, but lost in crash).

The Companions spare Noristro’s life after he promised to keep their plans a secret from the Red Water Guild – in exchange for trying to free his daughter, is possible.

  • choker of eloquence +2 (taken by Gentoo)
  • 50 gp in tableware
  • 300 gp in coins and gems
  • 20%

The Valaskan agrees to transport the Companions north to Liet. When convincing the Falcon to transport their horses, Gentoo not only gets hilarious stories of Surina’s youth, but also finds that a familiar, sullen, raven-haired woman books passage on their boat. He speaks with her briefly in private and she warns that the Companions have gotten themselves mired in something very ancient and old, and if they value their lives they should disentangle themselves from it.

Heading towards Liet, the companions stop by Brindol to retrieve the platinum, angelic-hilted sword from the Hall of Valor. Unfortunately, the sword was taken by Ackann, accompanied by a blue-eyed man bearing the sign of the Ouroborus (presumably Inathriamkavendil).

They try to convince the town that Ackann is corrupt and even evil, but, without proof, are unsuccessful and instead assault him directly.

After battling through his Feywild maze and defeating his guards, the Companions discover that Ackann had left earlier that day on an airship heading towards New Yarwin.

  • 500 gp
  • bracers of the perfect shot (Gentoo)
  • iron armbands of power
  • well-stocked library
  • ritual books
  • alchemical books (inferno oil and resonance crystal)
  • series of letters involving Vidalgo Lassar, Ackann, and others

One of the letters is from Vidalgo to Ackann telling him that he doesn’t care what he does with the other dwarves, but to send the shaman immediately on the Black Forge so that he can identify the artifact.

Another, more recent letter, says that the individual who carries this letter can be trusted. “He knows more about the aether than anybody I’ve met. He will advise you and accompany you on your upcoming journey.”

A third letter from Vidalgo says that he doesn’t know why the hobgoblins are so interested in black-haired women, but as long as they keep working he doesn’t care.

  • “Touching my bum is never a failure.”
  • “It’s better when bloodied…”

Next Episode Preview: Head to Liet and talk to the prophetess, then pursue Ackann for great justice!

The Green Dragon, The Beast of Truth
The prophetess was kidnapped by a green dragon controlled by the prophetess of Delos

The Companions debated whether to pursue Akkan as he fled, but realizing that they couldn’t catch him they instead continue with their plan of visiting the prophetess in Liet and send Akkan a message that we have the Orb, hoping to lure him to Liet where we can confront him directly.

During the week-long journey to Liet, Thorngrim made and distributed the following alchemical items:
  • Inferno Oil x2 (100 gp)
  • Woundpatch x4 (120 gp)
  • Alchemist’s Frost x2 (150 gp)
  • Dragonfire Tar x2 (60 gp)
  • Alchemist’s Fire x1 (150 gp)
  • Tanglefoot Bag x1 (25 gp)
  • Bloodstinger Poison x1 (30 gp) Total: 635 gp Remaining party treasure: 398 gp

Arriving in LIet, the Companions discover Thorn had arrived before them – and she’s accompanied by Tzira’s uncle. Thorn seemed to have had quite a change of heart, not only apologizing and admitting that she was once wrong but also spitting on the Raven Queen’s name…

The prophetess, however, is apparently missing – and then an eladrin woman (with icy, wintery powers, apparently from House Lagos) and a rapier-wielding man interrupted us, looking for Tzira. Combat ensues!

We defeated her and her agents, but Tzira’s uncle fell in the battle – after telling her to trust her heart and passing his boots along to her. When we defeated her, the eladrin turned into an icy form and began melting away (apparently due to a pact or connection to a fey lord or power).

The bad-ass inkeeper who helped us in the battle turned out to be a Knight of the Swan (Greg is going to provide their long motto/philosophy shortly).

  • quickling boots (level 8 – Tzira)
  • frost longsword +2 (level 8, also summon from magical pocket with minor action – Surina)
  • 237 gp Party treasure: 635 gp

Interrogating the one minion left alive, we find that the eladrin was named Valara. He was hired in the city of Servor in Treak. Apparently they were pursuing Tzira for some information she has. We released the mercenary, and he said he was going to Thunderport.

The Companions then went to visit the nearby fort, looking for Kate. Tzira’s uncle will be taken to the water the next day for proper burial.

Kate explained that there are tales of some creature in the lake, and that the prophetess has largely retreated from the world for the last year or so.

Surina and Gentoo check out the small library, finding that the town grew up around the prophetess and that there is supposed to be some Beast of Truth inhabiting the lake (most tales of such from the last decade).

Everyone else visited an old, shifter captain who claims to have lost his hand to the beast in the lake. He certainly believes that he was attacked by something beastly. Apparently he was attacked near the south of the lake, where the prophetess is supposed to have her grove. The area is apparently plagued with “strange and fey happenings” now.

Based on the fisherman’s tale and the drawings from the library, it seems like the beast is a green dragon.

Thorn shows an uncharacteristic hesitance to attack the dragon – and explains that she has made a pact with Tiamat to get her powers back and have her vengeance on the shadar-kai that stripped her of her holy powers originally. She owes the god a single favor, however.

With that revelation, the Companions rest for the evening, heading to the lake the next morning. After putting Tzira’s uncle on a floating pyre, they headed towards some larger, wild trees looking for the prophetess’s grove.

“Gentoo likes bringing up the rear!”

Coming across some menhirs and large trees, the Companions were ambushed by a some drakes, green dragon wyrmlings and a kobold. Combat ensued!

During the fight, the kobold commanded the wyrmlings to go warn Sharzan, but they were rebellious and stayed to fight even after it fell. Presumably Sharzan is the green dragon in the area, and their mother or father.

All of the draconic beasts were slain.

  • magic totem +2 (level 6)

Searching the area, it looks like this was one of the prophetess’s groves, but the kobold and the wyrmlings had been occupying it for the past few weeks – ever since the prophetess disappeared.

The Companions, assuming the large mound behind the grove is the dragon’s lair, marched into it. A moss covering hides an entrance into the hill. Sneaking inside, they found a large chamber with the dragon inside.

Tzira, Thorn and Thorngrim were able to sneak in at least part way, but the dragon noticed and combat ensued!

The dragon had an Egyptian eye symbol branded on her neck that was apparently connected to Delos, a religious city in Destria. It apparently kept her from noticing Thorn’s new holy symbol of Tiamat.

Despite flying around her cave, the Companions were ultimately able to defeat the dragon, with Kaelvar taking off her head. When Nick examined the brand on her neck, he got a vision of a woman with the brand around her eye, looking back at the group. Gentoo recognizes the brand as being connected to Lady Sar, the prophetess of Delos.

Treasure was not provided for this fight, and we will resolve the prophetess next session.

Otherworldly Corruption in New Yarwin
So much talking and shopping that it drove Thorn insane
Treasure buried in the dragon’s lair:
  • 250 gp
  • 500 gp black pearl
  • 2×100 gp bloodstones
  • 250 gp copper cask with satyrs containing another 300 gp and 230 sp
  • +3 cloak of resolution (an amulet in character builders)
  • Total Party Treasure: 2,135

We found the prophetess in a secret chamber in the back of the cave. She was expecting us, of course.

The prophetess began revealing the forces conspiring against us. One of the prophetesses had died a year ago during the war with Carthia. Iomer thinks someone is trying to blind those with The Sight. When we explain the mark on the dragon to her, she confirms that the Lady Sar must either have turned from the path of the light or is being forced to do evil.

Iomer said that she summoned us her for something else, though, explaining that she had visions for all of us


Surina identified the shield as the Chrysanthemum Shield, the one she bore in the flashback. Thorn remembers the Sword of Unmaking as being in the possession of tieflings in Esovel.

We took a moment to review the List of What We Need to Do:
  • Find Chrysanthemum Shield – last seen in flashback
  • Find Sword of Unmaking – with tieflings in Esovel
  • Find Sword That Can Sever Fate – Calinbrin (an angel who chose not to fight in the war of the gods and was cast into the world)
  • Kill Lassar and the family Kaelvar’s sister married into – New Yarwin
  • Find Thorngrim’s remaining tribe (especially Omas) – Omas is with Ackann -> New Yarwin
  • Thorn: “Kill bastard ex-boyfriend.”
  • Rescue Nortistro’s daughter – New Yarwin
  • Stop whatever is happening in 12 days
  • Defeat Ackann – New Yarwin All signs points to New Yarwin.

We decided to ask the prophetess “How do we stop disaster at the apex of spring?”

Her eyes filling with violet, she says “What happens in 12 days cannot be averted, but it can be delayed. In New Yarwin, seek out Puyet Norton. She has the answers you seek.” She then collapses. Upon reawakening, violet tears streaming down her face, she says “Lady Sar or whoever she is working with has done much to conceal the future from me. I am sorry I cannot offer further guidance, but great powers avail.”

Returning to the town, we ran into Mirana yet again. She revealed that she took the Chrysanthemum Shield back to the genasi nation. It could have been sucked into the Elemental Chaos with the rest of the nation. She also mentions “it’s always about the damned orb…” She tells us to ask Aban about any other questions we have about the items.

About the Sword of Unmaking, she says that she has watched nations rise and fall because of the sword and cautions us to avoid it. Tzira asked about the lighting daggers

Thorn and Gentoo walked off alone, and he was asking her about the Word she said in the flashback. He seems intent, but she brushes him off to get yell at Mirana again.

Back in town, we find that the Cutter and Surina’s war college buddies stopped by – to drop off 450 gp (the cost of the cost of the horses) and a note “I’m glad we can still horse around.”

Total party treasure: 2,575 gp

Ackann also sent a letter saying that he knows of no orb and warning us off his trail. Inathrienkavendil sent a hidden message offering to trade the Orb for Ackann.

Then off to New Yawrin.

Current Equipment:

Thorn: total level – 22
  • +2 amulet (lvl 6)
  • retribution spiked chain/holy symbol +2 (lvl 7)
  • ghostphase armor +2 (lvl 9)
  • feyleaf sandals (lvl 2)
Surina: total level – 26
  • frost longsword +2 (lvl 8)
  • chainmail of cleansing +2 (lvl 8)
  • steadfast amulet +2 (lvl 8)
  • bloodguard shield (lvl 2)
  • boots of free movement (lvl 6)
Gentoo: total level – 24
  • bloodcurse rod +1(lvl 4)
  • +2 quickcurse rod (lvl 2)
  • +2 repulsion leather armor (lvl 7)
  • bracers of the perfect shot (lvl 3)
  • +2 choker of eloquence (lvl 8)
Tzira: total level – 38
  • +1 deathstalker short sword (lvl 4)
  • +2 deathcut armor (lvl 10)
  • quickling boots (lvl 8)
  • shureshot gloves (lvl 9)
  • +2 elven cloak (lvl 7)
Thorngrim: total level – 40
  • iron armbands of power (lvl 6)
  • horned helm (lvl 6)
  • +1 spring renewal totem (lvl 5)
  • +2 magic totem (lvl 6)
  • +1 amulet of physical resolve (lvl 2)
  • +2 bestial armor (lvl 8)
  • dwarven greaves (lvl 7)
Sold (208 gp)
  • +1 leather armor
  • +1 brooch of no regrets

Total party treasure: 2,783 gp

After shopping, 463 gp remaining.

On the trip, we are awoken to Gentoo talking in his sleep. He has a dream about the stars blinking out from the sky and a voice whispering in Deep Speach” “Bring the eye to the place where light ends. The dominion where the banished dwell and pandemonium reigns.”

After an otherwise uneventful trip, we arrive at New Yarwin and the weather turns nasty.

We find that the Black Forge has already arrived and docked. Other ships include
  • the Spiral (has a big spiraling horn)
  • a ship bearing Gentoo family’s crest
  • a ship with a chimera prow without a standard

We immediately set out to find Puyet, but the locals aren’t quite as friendly. Everyone is very evasive or fearful of something. They direct us to the Smooth Sailing inn, where newcomers usually go. We also find a woman being watched by several men bearing the crest of the Aldorian, Gentoo’s family.

Tzira found Puyet, who would much rather talk to someone who talks much less. Gentoo is recognized by a half-elf woman (Terza) guarded by the Aldorian men. She warns him to watch his back, motioning to a tiefling in the back. Apparently the Red Water Guild is the power in town and is messing with people’s business.

Puyet also explains that aether-warped animals and humanoids have been seen in the surrounding area, suggesting there is some sort of gate in the area. The waitress explains that the tieflings of the Red Water Guild stay up on the hll – Lassar and Ackann are probably up there.

The tiefling in the corner is apparently Ildad, who was Noristro’s contact in New Yarwin who he hadn’t heard from in about a month. We invite him into a private room to confront him about Noristro’s daughter. Ildad claims to have been in Milendi for the past month and has claimed not to have found anything. He’s lying, of course, and we had to pressure him for information.

Ackann is staying on the hill, and Noristro’s daughter is being held there as well. It will be difficult to get into the compound. Ildad also reveals that the Apex of Spring will the date of the Trade Show, when merchants from all over come to trade and make deals. Perhaps the Red Water Guild will try to assassinate people during the event?

We are interrupted by a horrific keening from the wind that pulls almost everyone outside like zombies. It seems like some sort of ripple of a powerful ritual or Far Realm incursion. We are able to save most of the people around us

Looking for ways into the Lassar fortress, Gentoo tries to find someone with a connection to Ackann while Tzira and Thorngrim tried to sneak around and find the fortress. Surina went to investigate the plans of the Red Water Guild.

We were unable to find a way into the Lassar manor, but do find out that there is some big event happening in the Ashen Grove at midnight. Lots of high-ups meeting and distributing weapons. We decide to ambush them – several of them throw off their skins to reveal themselves as aberrant, warped creatures.

After defeating them, we put on their robes and tried to take the weapon shipment so we could sneak into the manor but on the way we saw that lights were on in the church. Inside, there was an altar with several candles. Lighting and blowing them out in a pattern, we revealed a hidden passage beneath it. Silent and dark, it did smell of the sea.

Tzira and Thorngrim snuck down, ahead of the rest of the party. At the bottom of the stairs we discovered a tunnel leading toward the Lassar manor house…

Quotes of the session:
  • “I don’t know what I don’t know!”
  • “You can’t surprise a wall!”
  • “You just stand in the back and shoot your little wand!”
The Death of Omas and the Escape of Akkan
Omas becomes a totem to guide Thorngrim and Akkan's bitch-ass escapes again

We continue up the stairs at the end of the tunnel and at the top of the stairs, we find a pool of silvery liquid with shadows moving in it. The walls are covered in maddening scrawl in Deep Speech.

More foulspawn creatures burst through the doors and a hideous chuul burst out of the pool to chew on Thorngrim.

Gentoo pulls out his Orb to try to seal the silver pool/portal – after he heard a voice whispering in his mind telling him to “Use me…”

Thorngrim discovered a secret doorway in the wall but it can only be opened with a control word. Thorn tried to open the room, but was dominated by some evil power and lashed out at her friends. Trying again, she is finally able to open it – learning that the word to open the wall is “Tharizdun.”

Inside the hidden passageway we discover a spiral staircase and sneak up into a large arcane workshop/study, lit only by a single candle. In a cage by the wall is a slumped dwarf: Omas, and not long for the world.

Omas explained that Lassar had been torturing him to reveal how to use the Map of Many Roads, an ancient dwarven artifact that allowed them to navigate the aether. There are archways beneath most of the major cities of the world, and the power they contain could destroy everything.

Omas tells Thorngrim that he has the blood of the ancients in him, and he needs to go to Tol Lorathus. Omas then extends his arm and is covered in vines and tree branches that contract further and further until he becomes a small totem.

We also found several ritual books and lots of history books relating to the Tylkaer Empire and ancient dwarven history.

Descending back down, we go through the doors that the foulspawn burst through to find another laboratory – with a wall made entirely of flesh. Quietly opening the door, we find a familiar tiefling ready for us.

We were able to defeat Akkan’s minions and talk Aldermann Ridder out of the fight. Akkan himself, however, managed to escape, saying that he might not have been able to defeat us, but Lassar certainly will…

  • undetermined magic rod/pact dagger (?)
  • +2 Totem of Nature’s Wrath
quick treasure summary 8.2
Alchemical Rituals:
  • Goodnight Tincture
  • Sovereign Glue
  • Slow Step Oil
  • Ghoststrike Oil
  • Blinding Bomb
  • Endure Elements
  • Lower Water
  • Water Walk
  • Bolster Object
  • Fey Passage
  • Status
  • Water Breathing

+3 Master’s Wand of Thunderwave

Saving New Yarwin from Things Men Were Not Meant to Know
We BARELY survive a fight with a hideous monstrosity and head to Delos

The Alderman repented his ways, offering us his keys to the city – a relic of the City of Clocks, passed down through the ages.

Treasure from Alderman Ridder
  • +3 necklace of keys (the heads of the keys are bronze, silver, gold and platinum gears – matching the holy symbol of Erathis we found in the Thunderspire). They keys apparently allow us into a clock in the center of town. (level 13)
  • +2 footpad’s friend shortsword (level 10)

We broke down the door Akkan escaped through and continued after him. Sneaking up the stairway, we were spotted by the bad guys in a large room with lightning crackling arcing from the back of the room to glowing runic circle containing the body of a human, his fleshing undulating with power. He screams, making the same noise that pulled everyone to their deaths. An enormous, fleshless muscular creature stands before him, flanked by more robed aberrants. Vidalgo Lassar and Akkan stand behind them.

The lightning arcs from a familiar archway, through which a tentacled horrors seems to be pushing against the bounds of reality.

At the back of the room, cages at the back of the room hold a tiefling girl and a dwarf. A man with an opaque eye is controlling the lightning.

Combat ensues!

Vidalgo Lassar appears to be controlling whatever ritual is going on, trying to summon this tentacled horror. Despite our best efforts, he was able to succeed in summoning the monster.

We were barely able to defeat the beast, but Vidalgo Lassar was able to escape. It seemed like Akkan’s soul was claimed by some demonic hand when he fell.

The dwarf prisoner turned out to be Emkel, who is physically OK but his mind is broken. He keeps muttering “Eyes of the Fox” and bore the mark of the prophetess of Delos (the same eye we saw on the dragon) on the back of his neck. Thorngrim was going to euthanize him, but he came to his senses briefly and fell unconscious again.

It seems that be interfering with this ritual prevented the cultists from summoning some more horrific monster.

  • +3 pact blade (level 13)
  • Iron Ring of Dwarf Lords inscribed with the name of House Nyrad (which is the name in the dwarven tomb back in Brindel. (level 14)
  • +3 feytouched armor imprinted with an L wrapped in snakes with elven words saying “The Wintershard Covenant.” This is the Lagos family symbol. (level 12)

Kaelvar and Thorn explore where Vidalgo escaped to and found the tunnel led to a cliff-face at the edge of the continent. They found Vidalgo Lassar leaving on an airship with a woman with brown hair (Kaelvar’s human sister).

Inathriamkavendil walked down towards the tunnel to the ritual room, brushing aside Kaelvar and Thorn. Abban Aldorian appeared in the ritual room, walked past everyone there towards the cliff-face. He warned all of us to stay back – but only Gentoo listened.

Abban confronted Inathriamkavendil. Abban asked him to trust us with the sword, as Inathriamkavendil had once trusted him. The kindred refuses, saying he never should have given his trust. He asks for the Angel’s Heart and promises to let everyone live, so long as we give him the Golden Orb of Baramas.

Abban yells at us to “Begone! I will meet you in Delos at the White Panther!” and his staff threw us back as an Epic Battle™ began. The rock face crumbled beneath the magical power of the pair and we fled.

Meeting back up, Alderman Ridder tried to flatter us. We put the fear of the gods in him to redeem the town, remove the Red Water Guild from power and fight corruption.

We then went to explore the clock tower in the middle of the city. Using the holy symbol of Erathis we had found earlier, we were able to repair the clock. That set off all the bells in town and a rumble began deep underground. Heading outside, we found that a shrine to Erathis repairing itself, like clockwork.

inside the shrine, we found a bronze statue and a locked vault containing a bunch of treasure:
  • platinum ring with sapphire (1000 gp)
  • 3000 gp
  • gold statuette of Erathis worth 2500 gp
  • adamantine crown with points like parapets worth 1000 gp
  • 5 10 gp gems (50 gp total)
  • adamantine box containing elemental flame worth 2500 gp
  • black tunic woven of pure shadow worth 500 gp
  • 10,550 gp total

We then departed for Delos, the capital of Destria.

Destria, a religious kingdom ruled over by the High Theocrist Vold and the prophetess Sar, is a remnant of old human empire of Mera, founded by King Soldist.

Arriving in Delos, we find it bustling with activity, mobilizing for war. We were completely honest with the shipmaster (Captain Aerun), explaining that we were looking to meet our friend Abban Aldorian and are looking for some enslaved dwarves. He says there is no “White Panther” in Delos and of course there is no slavery in the city either.

Searching around town, Tzira was told that she should speak to Jalissa in the 9 Bells District – apparently a group was waiting for us. Jalissa was one of the raven-haired women kidnapped by the hobgoblins in the beginning of the campaign.

We snuck into the 9 Bells District without being noticed and met with Jalissa. A “scholar” (Abban Aldorian, though he told Jalissa that his name was “Alithanar”) had told her to use “the White Panther” as a password to meet up with us when we get to Delos. She left prophecies back in her temple, but she was driven her to share with us what she had learned.

She explains that the government here in Delos is universally dedicated to Nistra the Warrior Goddess, except for the advisor, who is supposed to be dedicated to Ioun. For the past year or so, however, Delos has outlawed all other temples, including those of Ioun – and the prophetess Lady Sar is supposed to be a cleric of the goddess. This religious oppression is a driving force behind the insurgency.

Jalissa found the following prophecy in the library of Brindel, at Abban’s direction: “In the year 4463 (this year), the Eye of Prophecy will be blinded by a great deception and the world will speed ever faster toward Neverdusk. lest the last all-seeing one’s body is shown on the stop of the Quartz Court.”

In the week that Jalissa has been in Delos, she has been unable to locate Lady Sar’s location. She was refused an audience and told to dedicate herself to her goddess.

Leaving Jalissa and heading back through the city, we were ambushed by halflings and thugs. Defeating them, we captured one and another managed to escape.

Examining the bodies, we discover a symbol of feather embroidered on their shoes…

  • “You can’t do anything! You’re dominated!”
  • “It’s not a bribe. It’s a gift!”
  • GM laughing “You’re gonna love this”
The Eye of Sar
Wherein we learn the truth about the Lady Sar's fate and we clash with more puppets possessed by the Eye of Sar

The Companions discover that the assassins we wearing the same boots as the Fleetfoot Couriers – though the secret compartment was in the right boot instead of the left. Interrogating the surviving halfling assassin (Van), it becomes clear that they were just fulfilling a contract and weren’t aware that Tzira was part of the group. He also had a story of how the assassins pretend to be couriers to confuse people… an obvious lie.

He had heard of her – and her sister was in town and had apparently passed along the orders.

Taking us to the House of Sleep, the Companions find a tavern full of angry halflings – and Tzira’s very startled sister Mila.

Seeing Tzira’s boots, Mila mentioned that she must have found out about the family finally – before realizing Tzira still hadn’t checked the compartment in the right boot. Checking it now, she discovered a note from her uncle confirming that her family is actually an assassins guild and a magic ring (cherished ring (level 14)).

As Tzira reacted to the news, Mila took Thorngrim aside and asked if he had a goliath friend from Mystrar… because they have a contract for him too…

Captain Aerum gave the halflings the contracts, apparently to take care of threats to the city as they arrive.

Mila gave us the money that Captain Aerum had given the halflings for the contract (3,000 gp) and we promised to “refund him in full.”

Mila tells us we can find Captain Aerum at the Pig & Bucket, where he drinks late but usually has lots of guards around him.

  • cherished ring (level 14)
  • 3,000 gp
  • 13,550 gp total

Meeting Norak, the goliath from Mystrar, we warned him of the assassins that were hired to kill him. He explained that he has come from Mystrar looking for Thorngrim’s village of missing dwarves. We passed the note from Mila to the assassins who were sneaking in through the window and joined up with the Goliath.

Gentoo helps Tzira disguise herself to sneak into the Pig & Bucket to lure Captain Aerum out so we can deal with him.

Tzira tells him that the assassins were unable to deal with the targets, and his refund is outside. He says he’ll meet her outside, and gets some of his guards to go with him.

We ambush Captain Aerum and his men!

Captain Aerum tried to deny knowing anything about the dwarves, claiming to directly serve Theocrist Vold and Lady Sar. He eventually revealed that the dwarves are working willing with Lady Sar in the Quartz Court for some excavation project. Apparently Emkell is supervising the operation and Aerum had seen him just the other day…

Aerum wasn’t much more cooperative, so using a magic scroll, we cast a ritual to purge his memory of the last 24 hours, hoping to confuse the situation by making them think they had simply gotten drunk and thus delaying any pursuit.

  • fey-blessed circlet (level 8)

Resting for the evening, we are surprised to find Kaelvar’s dead body. Thorn has disappeared and apparently there was a battle. The room was silenced and Kaelvar was killed, but the only blood was his (none was on his sword). Gentoo found a bum who saw some sort of iridescent star flying across the star at the same time as the attack. We suspect that some kind of immortal creature (a devil or an angel) may have attacked and killed Kaelvar.

In the morning, we buy a gentle repose scroll (for 50 gp) for Kaelvar’s body, depositing him on the ship.

  • 13,500 gp party treasure remaining

After disguising ourselves, we make our way to the Quartz Court in the morning.

The Court is an enormous crystalline dome supported on massive pillars. Worshippers flow around it and we melt into the crowd to scout the area a bit before heading into the Court itself.

The Court is almost more of a campus, buildings spread around a central park, much of which is fenced off for some excavation. The townsfolk are a bit resentful of the dwarves digging up the grounds, but apparently there are a lot of eladrin here as well. Gentoo is able to talk to some of them and found out that they made some agreement or compact with the church to assist in the recovery of artifacts from the excavation – far older than the founding of the nation or the dedication of the area to Nistra.

Tzira sneaks in and confirms that the dwarves are excavating some pit, digging stairs into the ground. An eladrin teleported out of the whole and spoke with the foreman before disappearing back down.

We waited a few hours to see a shift change but no dwarves ever left the fenced-off park. Deciding to wait until nightfall to try to sneak into the excavation area, we spread out to check out the surrounding buildings of the court.

That evening, we found out that the evening service was overseen by the the High Theocrist Vold – who was also the one watching over the excavation. Sneaking in, Thorngrim tried to talk to the dwarves but it was clear they were under some kind of mental influence – and calmly raised the alarm.

Combat ensues!

After the fight, when Thorngrim was tying up the brain-washed dwarves and noticed that a bush had vivid purple blooms. Planted a year ago, the dirt around it still looks unsettled. Digging underneath it, Thorngrim discovered a desiccated body of a middle-aged woman with the eyes removed. Purple is a color associated with prophecy and chronomancy… This might be the body of the real prophetess Lady Sar…

All the priests had the Eye of Sar on them, and the fountain in the ruins being excavated flowed with black water. It is adorned with ravens and murals of the Raven Queen joining with Nistra and Ioun battling what appears to be Vecna.

Time Shatters
In which someone actually takes notes

After defeating several blinded cyclopses and eladrin wizards (and their minions), the Companions found what the eladrin called “Mirana’s room.”

A tiny tunnel (only big enough for Tzira) led to the room and Tzira explored it, finding a small room with a bed, desk, clothes, etc. An inscription from the Raven Queen ran along the walls.

Tzira found a ring made of the same black stone as the aether gates we had seen before. Careful not to touch it, she reads the inscription: “To Mirana, with friendship. -A. A.” She also finds a journal in a hidden compartment, but it crumbles at her touch and the Companions are left with just fragments that they try to re-assemble.

Deciphering what they can of the journal, Mirana talks of becoming an Exarch and knowing a name that could bring incredible power – and knowing that she will be hunted for it and ultimately fail her mistress, the Raven Queen.

Later, she talks about completing the temple and her hatred for the “vile upstart” Vecna – and how her crusade against them will continue.

Another passage a year later talks about Aban Aldorian and the other powerful heroes the Companions has flashed back to before – and she called them Exarchs. He apparently was pulling people together for a great mission to find an item that is supposed to save humanity, though Mirana is skeptical and fearful that her faith is wavering.

Treasure in the room:
  • shroud of ravens (+3 bonus, level 13) – assigned to Thorngrim
  • death spiral ring (level 16) – assigned to Norauk
  • 1000 gp jewelry box

Heading back, the Companion return to a door with the symbol of Vecna painted in blood upon it. Violet light shines through the cracks of the door. As they approach, a fanged maw appeared and presented the group with a challenge. Each companion had to pick an easy or hard riddle to pass through the doors. A few got their riddles, but most were wracked with necrotic energy before passing into the next chamber.

Passing through to the next room, we found a conflagration of violet energy – and several figures on the other side of the room. A woman with violet eyes, a silver-haired eladrin and a dwarf with a close-cut beard and a wide-brimmed hat: Emkel, who was supposed to be dead.

The violet-eyed woman said that she had foreseen the Companion’s arrival, but had expected her assassins to take care of them. She also thanked Surina for bringing the journal to her, as she can finally complete her work and return to the Feywild.

She summoned a bunch of evil angels and combat ensued!

During the battle, the false prophetess managed to drive Surina with the journal into the pit of time-energy. This apparently triggered whatever ritual she had prepared and a faint visage of Mirana began to appear near the altar. Thorn ran over and picked up the vial of blood – now nearly boiling. She was able to talk to the simulacrum of Mirana. She asked her about the Emissary, but the visage knew nothing. Thorn then drank the vial of blood and the visage disappeared.

Emkel escaped, eerily calm and smiling with a wide, fox-like grin – and turning invisible.

The prophetess was revealed as a lamia, and the Companions were able to defeat her – but the chronomatic energy in the room overflowed and exploded, tossing the Companions through space and time.

Surina was thrown into some battle under the command of Kael.

Gentoo was sent into a golden city in the past.

Thorn finds herself on an ashen plain with wings – one a dragon wing and one a raven wing.

Norauk crashes through an elemental plane, surrounded by genasi. They ask him what he is.

Thorngrim is pulled back to somewhere similar to his home – a dense, massive jungle. Beams of red light shine down from above, the light of a great, red moon in the sky. Enormous footsteps in the distance shake the ground.

Tzira simply reappears in the Chamber of Ravens (where the energy exploded), her Companions gone. Nothing moves, as if time was frozen.

The Ruins of Tol Lorathus
in which we explore the remains of the city of dwarves and eladrin

Derek fun points: +4

Having been scattered across time and space, the companions were reunited (after months of their own adventures) by an eladrin named Althaea, sent by Aban Aldorian.

Almost everyone had met up with Aban Aldorian throughout various points in time before coming back together. Tzira, trapped in a frozen version of the present, was able to find out a great deal about the eladrin.

The Wintershard Fey were under the leadership of the Prince of Frost, searching out the Raven Queen’s true name so that they could divide her domains with Vecna.

Emkel and the lamia had edited many of the prophecies in the great hall – and Emkel is still on the loose.

The dwarves from Mystrar were saved, and put on a ship to the continent. Thorngrim tried to impart some primal wisdom on them to guide them during their journey.

Norauk gave the Hand of Vecna to Gentoo… Thorngrim chewed off his arm so that he could attach it. It seemed to like the match…

We need to find an artifact (the Amythest Dragon) to travel through time and rescue Thorn.

Thorngrim used 840 gp to buy claw gloves (level 4)

Not trusting the pilot for the only ship we found that could fly up to Tol Lorathus, we decided to allow Gentoo (with the Hand of Vecna) to cast a teleportation ritual to send us to the city. And apparently paid twice as much as he needed to for the ritual components.

The ruins were overgrown, the sky darker than down below and other islands float in the distance.

  • find the artifact the Amethyst Dragon to rescue Thorn from being scattered across time
  • recover the original prophecies of the uncorrupted Lady Sar
  • figure out what’s up with Emkel – or the creature using his form
  • recovering artifacts – the Shield that Bore the Fate of a Nation’s Hopes and the Sword of Unmaking
  • find the dwarven power in Tol Lorathus

Exploring the ruins, they seem devoid of most life. There were no signs of further destruction or violence. It is unnaturally quiet: no insects, birds, etc.

Finding a hole, we discovered an enormous underground cavern and had to basically repel straight down into the darkness. The ruined city smelled of decaying bodies and earth. Unnaturally cold, the air immediately dried out everyone’s mouths, as if they hadn’t drank in days.

As everyone else climbed down, a watery creature claiming to be a water weird (Clara) appeared, talking calmly – but every now and then her voice is warped and twisted. She warned that the Zasath had noticed us and was on its way. “There is no place to hide. Everyone tried to hide before…”

The water weird explained that the city was once ruled by an elf and a dwarf together, their children raised together.

Spectral eladrin appeared at the edge of our light – and combat ensued! During the fight, the eladrin mentioned that we would never find “the children.”

Defeating the spectral creature, the water weird was fading away and gifted us with 6 potions of clarity. She also hinted that finding the children could help lift the curse from the city.

Exploring the city, we walk around the enormous sphere – made of the same material as the teleportation gates. Apparently this is a nexus, a gathering of dimensional energy.

We passed through the veil to the fewild and heard the voices of children, whispering that we should come play with them – and that they are being hurt…

Entering the building, we found a classroom with desks and children’s games – and a giant pile of bones. As we approached, it exploded! Combat ensued (while Gentoo played the game on the wall)!

After the fight, Thorngrim and Surina try to re-arrange the bones of the children to put them to rest, but the bones seem to resist. And everyone else plays around with the children’s game on the wall to solve puzzles…

Solving the children’s puzzle, it reveals a secret passageway (with a gold star!) Tzira and Thorngrim crawled through to find a dwarven child’s skeleton wearing an amulet (amber gem, with the name “Karaz-u-dol” written in dwarven – amulet of attenuation level 14).

When we laid the bones to rest back in the physical world, the specter of the boy appeared, thanking us. When asked if the city was at peace when he died, he answered “Yes…” before fading away.

Further exploring the ruined city, we ran across a monstrous gibbering creature, a larger version of the gibbering mouther (which keeps screaming “Quoris” – the name of a pyromancer from ancient Tol Lorathus). Combat ensued!

Within the corpse of the creature, we found an eladrin ring of passage (with a flame emblazoned on it) and a book of arcane rituals.

Total Treasure for the session:
  • potion of clarity x6 (level 10) (everyone got one)
  • amulet of attenuation (level 14) (Norauk)
  • eladrin ring of passage (level 14) (Gentoo took)
  • ritual book of Quoris (including the rituals: Analyze Portal, Shadow Passage, Tenser’s Binding, History Revealed, Linked Portal, Seal Portal, Shadow Bridge, Fey Passage, Sending, Phantom Steed, Arcane Lock, Last Sight Vision, Eye of Alarm, Silence, Comprehend Language, Make Whole)

Current Equipment Listing:

  • Steadfast Amulet +2: 8
  • Boots of Free Movement :6
  • Bloodguard Shield Light Shield: 2
  • Frost Longsword +2: 8
  • Scale Armor of Sacrifice +3: 15
  • Fey-Blessed Circlet: 8
  • potion of clarity (level 10)
  • wound patch (level 3)
  • potion of vitality (level 15) Total: 47 levels
  • Footpad’s Friend Short Sword +2: 10
  • Quickling Boots: 8
  • Deathcut Leather Armor +2: 10
  • Necklace of Keys +3: 13
  • Cherished Ring: 14
  • Sure Shot Gloves: 9
  • potion of clarity (level 10)
  • potion of healing (heroic)
  • tanglefoot bag x2 (level 2)
  • clearsense powder (level 1) Total: 64 levels
  • Pact Blade Short Sword +3: 13
  • Quickcurse Rod +2: 7
  • Bloodcurse Rod +1: 4
  • Golden Orb of Baramus: 26
  • Feytouched Leather Armor +3: 12
  • Choker of Elequence +2: 8
  • Bracers of the Perfect Shot: 3
  • eladrin ring of passage (level 14)
  • potions of clarity (level 10) Total: 60 levels
  • Vicious Greataxe +2: 7
  • Amulet of Attentuation +3: 14
  • Bloodsoaked Bracers: 10
  • Lifefont Hide Armor +3: 14
  • Death Spiral Ring: 16
  • potions of clarity (level 10) Total: 61 levels
  • Claw Gloves: 4
  • Shroud of Ravens +3: 13
  • Dwarven Greaves: 7
  • Iron Armbands of Power: 6
  • Horned Helm: 6
  • Amulet of Physical Resolve: 6
  • Bestial Armor: 3
  • potions of clarity (level 10) Total: 45 levels

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