The Shattered Temple of Aoskar

While the Lady's Away, the Were-rats will Play (with us)

Derek fun points: 13
  • Dread Pirate Roberts: encounter, push adjacent enemies 1 sq
  • Extra Batteries: recharge magic item power
  • Use the Force: reroll attack roll
  • Keep a Clear Head: immune to daze until the end of the encounter
Alchemical Items:
  • Keen Oil x5 each to Tzira, Surina and Naurak (used 3) (minor, crit on 19-20 until end of next turn)
  • Woundpatch x1 to Naurak & Surina, x2 to Thorngrim (minor, +10 hp when spend healing surge)
  • Acidic Fire (lvl 15) x1 (+18 Reflex, burst 1 in 10, 2d6 fire + ongoing 5 acid)
  • Sovereign Glue (lvl 8) x1
  • Slow-step Oil (lvl 13) x1 (standard, +16 Fort, slowed) to Surina
  • Dragonfire Tar (lvl 13) (+16 Reflex, range 5/10, ongoing 10 fire)
  • Bloodstinger Poison (lvl 13) x2 (standard, +16 Fortitude, ongoing 5 poison) one to Naurak & one to Surina
  • Alchemist’s Frost (lvl 11) x2 (+14 Reflex, range 5/10, 2d10 cold and slowed, half on miss)
  • Alchemist’s Fire (lvl 11) x2 (+14 Reflex, burst 1 in 10, 3d6 fire, half on miss)

Total Treasure Remaining:

  • 12,762 gp

Garshan left a note and a package with several items, including 800 gp, Heward’s Handy Haversack and information and supplies to retrieve Aoskar’s blood and return to the Skyrock School.

Phantasmal abberrants keep coalescing and Thorngrim destroyed them before they could solidify while the rest of the Companions gathered up the 7 oldest minotaur skulls (along with a rakshasha skull that attracted their attention), and then Gentoo opened a portal back to the docks.

When Surina took the Orb through the portal, the creatures stopped coalescing and the light in the cracks dimmed significantly.

(On the way, the Companions stocked up on adventurer’s packs and other supplies, spending a total of 300 gp)

Total Treasure Remaining:
  • 13,262 gp

The Companions bring the skulls to the Master of Bones and he examines the skulls, getting very excited when he determined which skull was from the high priest. Questioning the skull, he’s is surprised and incredulous when he finds out how the temple fell…

He says that the temple is in a corner of the Lower Ward, below the House of Zidara or Hall of Giants. The Master of Bones pledged to not share this information with Vidalgo Lassar, in light of the Companions’ generosity with the skulls. They also asked him about the other items and forces they’re working against, but he didn’t have much to share.

The Companions deliver a new crown to the Wererat King, confirming that the abberrant creatures from the depths appeared when the Lady of Pain disappeared, and also explained that many people don’t want the Lady to return: Shemeshka the Marauder, Estavan, Jeremo the Natterer, Zidara, and a variety of other factions.

Hearing that Zidara apparently has a representative of the Aldorian family in her house, the Companions formulate a plan to introduce themselves to her, hoping to use the Redwater Guild’s association with her rival Shemeshka the Marauder to convince her to work with them.

But they visit a magical forge first to talk with an old dwarf that Osric knew. He revealed that Shemeshka the Marauder is a rhavaasta (like Kuniri), and he also explained that he came from anther world called Krynn that had it’s own black stone gates. His people had used the Hammer of Karas to destroy the gates, but that caused a great explosion the sucked him into Sigil.

The Companions then get an enchanted courier to deliver a message only to Zidara (for 500 gp – 12,762 gp remaining) about how they suspect that the Aldorian representatives are dopplegangers in service to the Redwater Guild (and thus Shemeshka).

Alex finds out about another rhavaasta in town: A’kinn, the owner of the Friendly Fiend (a magic item emporium), often gives out information but never answers questions about himself. The Companions decide to visit him to ask their usual questions. He talks them in circles until finally giving them a small statuette. An onyx figurine of a woodpecker, which Thorngrim takes.

They also go to the tattoo parlor to get a magical tattoo (fleet hero tattoo, 12,712 gp remaining).

Returning to the inn, the Companions find a note from Zidara saying “come immediately.” Visiting her, the Companions find her in the company of Aban Aldorian…

Zidara doesn’t ally with the characters simply because they oppose the Redwater Guild (and Shemeshka), but she does agree to allow them access to the Shattered Temple in exchange for some of the blood of Aoskar. The Companions agree, so long as she doesn’t turn around and sell it to Vidalgo Lassar.

Aban then explains more of what’s going on to the Companions. Machtiel was an angel of Tharizdun, while Calinbrin was an angel of an unknown god – Tharizdun’s brother. Calinbrin sacrificed himself to seal Machtiel, to prevent the angel from freeing the Chained God. Aban also explained that the Aldorian family has long served as part of the Order of Vigilance, keeping watchful eye against the machinations of Tharizdun.

Aban then talks a lot but says very little.

He also gives the Companions the First Mirror, which shows the truth of things. Naurak takes it, but everyone takes a moment to look at their own reflection. Gentoo sees himself younger, and not a vampire. Surina just sees herself. Tzira sees a full moon on a black sky. Thorngrim sees an open cage. Naurak sees his corpse, his weapon split and a huge slash down the front of his body.

Zidara returns with a vessel for Aoskar’s blood and the Companions descend below her manor. She leads them into a chamber filled with statues of the Lady of Pain. She says that solving the riddle of this chamber is the key to Aoskar’s temple.

Defeating several puzzles, the Companions ultimately found themselves in an Escer-esque room with mirrors one each wall of the “cube”. Mirror-like creatures step out of them.

Combat ensues!

Finding a trapdoor in the ceiling, the Companions follow a corridor to another mirror – and also a portion of the wall had been excavated from the outside. The mirror leads to another hall of mirrors and more riddles/puzzles.

Penetrating into the final reaches of the temple, the Companions find Inathriumkavendil and a band of mercenary tulgar, waiting for them.



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