The Rise and Fall of the Prince of Frost

wherein the Companions destroy the Seed of Winter and defeat the Prince of Frost

Derek fun points: 5
  • Dread Pirate Roberts: encounter, push adjacent enemies 1 sq
  • Extra Batteries: recharge magic item power
  • Use the Force: reroll attack roll
  • My Name is Inigo Mantoya: don’t fall unconscious when dying
Alchemical Items:
  • Keen Oil x5 each to Tzira, Surina and Naurak (used 3) (minor, crit on 19-20 until end of next turn)
  • Woundpatch x1 to Naurak & Surina, x2 to Thorngrim (minor, +10 hp when spend healing surge)
  • Acidic Fire (lvl 15) x1 (+18 Reflex, burst 1 in 10, 2d6 fire + ongoing 5 acid)
  • Sovereign Glue (lvl 8) x1
  • Slow-step Oil (lvl 13) x1 (standard, +16 Fort, slowed) to Surina
  • Dragonfire Tar (lvl 13) (+16 Reflex, range 5/10, ongoing 10 fire)
  • Bloodstinger Poison (lvl 13) x2 (standard, +16 Fortitude, ongoing 5 poison) one to Naurak & one to Surina
  • Alchemist’s Frost (lvl 11) x2 (+14 Reflex, range 5/10, 2d10 cold and slowed, half on miss)
  • Alchemist’s Fire (lvl 11) x2 (+14 Reflex, burst 1 in 10, 3d6 fire, half on miss)
Total Treasure Remaining:
  • 17,474 gp
Treasure to Sell:
  • +2 bestial hide armor (680 gp)
Current Allies & Documents:
  • The Colossus of Sendrian (3 hits left) – marking
  • Firbolg Reinforcements (5 hits left) – grant combat advantage
  • Evidence of Conspiracy Between Drow & Prince of Frost (3 successes needed)
  • Dak, a githzerai (3 hits left) – slide enemy 5 squares
  • Marek, a deva (3 hits left) – zap for 10 damage
  • Gendar, the drow alchemist from Thunderport (0 hits left – but alive)
  • Quelenna, an eladrin apparently connected with the Summer Queen (2 hits left) – teleport ally 5 squares
  • Mirana, everyone’s favorite immortal emo girl (3 hits left, 3 heals left) – heal for 20
  • Osrik, a dwarf (3 hits left) – deal 10 damage to adjacent enemy
  • Vale, a morbid human (2 hits left) – weaken 1 adjacent target

The Companions recoup for a moment and prepare to assault a small god’s lair: the Prince of Frost…

Stepping into the throne room, the Prince of Frost welcomes the Companions, asking what they want and about his minions. He revealed that he had actually started as a low-level eladrin knight the Companions had fought earlier but had been hurtled back in time when they had scattered everyone through the ages.

The Prince offered the Companions a deal: let him see the book and he can offer them nearly anything they want. He asserted that he had no intention of destroying the world, that was Vecna’s plan and that deal has ended.

The Companions obviously don’t accept his offer, and combat ensues!

During the fight, Tzira and Gentoo fell into the Font of Roses and had a vision of tattooed eladrin (including Naivara’s father) asking them why they were there and what right they had to touch the Font. Tzira explained that the Companions were overthrowing the Prince of Frost, and the eladrin gave their blessing (and confirming the story the Prince of Frost had given about going back in time) and returned them to the fight. Gentoo lost the Orb of Baramas and the Hand of Vecna in the pool, however.

Destroying the Seed of Winter and breaking the Prince’s god-like power, the Companions were able to force him to surrender.

Chrysanthemum Shield is in the Vault of the Drow, in the temple of the priestesses. The Prince explained who had been working with among the drow. He also confirmed that the name of the rahvaasta that has been working behind the scenes is Irinuk.

The Companions spared the life of the Prince of Frost in return for his oaths to never confront us again, or to ally with our enemies.

The Companions offered to return the Prince of Frost’s former prisoners to their homes, with several of them electing to stay with the group on their travels, at least until they do go through their homes.

They also cleaned up the grove and returned to speak with Naivara.

  • A set of divine vestments lined with winter wolf fur (1,500 gp)
  • A golden crown set with moonstones and pearls (2,500 gp) (eladrin in make)
  • A bag of skulls of eladrin.
  • Five mithril longswords worth 500 gp each.
  • 1000 platinum pieces (inscribed with a spider).
  • One Raise Dead scroll
  • One Remove Affliction scroll
  • One Comrade’s Succor scroll
  • One Cure Disease scroll
  • Two potions of vitality
  • Three potions of health
  • Sehanine’s Mark of the Dark Moon (level 18) for Tzira
  • +4 rod of sylvan trickery (level 20)
  • crown of command (level 17)

The Companions returned to tell Naivara about the defeat of the Prince of Frost, setting her spirit at peace.

They also return to the firbolg village to tell them about the heroic sacrifice of their chieftans, giving them the corpse of the remorahz to them as a trophy.

The Companions decide to head to Gloomwrought to deal with the Sire of Shadows and the items he has in his possession.



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