The Dangers Underneath Sigil

In which a pompous scholar pays the Companion's dock fees in exchange for a horrible task

Derek fun points: 10
  • Dread Pirate Roberts: encounter, push adjacent enemies 1 sq
  • Extra Batteries: recharge magic item power
  • Use the Force: reroll attack roll
  • Keep a Clear Head: immune to daze until the end of the encounter
Alchemical Items:
  • Keen Oil x5 each to Tzira, Surina and Naurak (used 3) (minor, crit on 19-20 until end of next turn)
  • Woundpatch x1 to Naurak & Surina, x2 to Thorngrim (minor, +10 hp when spend healing surge)
  • Acidic Fire (lvl 15) x1 (+18 Reflex, burst 1 in 10, 2d6 fire + ongoing 5 acid)
  • Sovereign Glue (lvl 8) x1
  • Slow-step Oil (lvl 13) x1 (standard, +16 Fort, slowed) to Surina
  • Dragonfire Tar (lvl 13) (+16 Reflex, range 5/10, ongoing 10 fire)
  • Bloodstinger Poison (lvl 13) x2 (standard, +16 Fortitude, ongoing 5 poison) one to Naurak & one to Surina
  • Alchemist’s Frost (lvl 11) x2 (+14 Reflex, range 5/10, 2d10 cold and slowed, half on miss)
  • Alchemist’s Fire (lvl 11) x2 (+14 Reflex, burst 1 in 10, 3d6 fire, half on miss)
Total Treasure Remaining:
  • Choker of Eloquence +2 (Surina may have this)
  • 12,762 gp

The Companions ask their crew if they know anything about Orb of Baramas, but none of them know much. Mirana explained that Aban Aldorian had been searching for it back when she was an adventurer – they had all been searching for it to fulfill their dreams. Marek was able to confirm that the Orb is unlikely to be Tharizdun’s prison, but it might be a part of it or a key.

The Companions traveled to Sigil, appearing near the docks extended up from the surface of the city, and they were met by an imposing marut who demands a 20,000 gp docking fee. Unable to pay and faced with the impounding of their ship, the Companions are approached by Garshan, a representative of the Skyrock School of Arcane Studies, who offers to buy out the docking fee debt in exchange for some services. They all go to the Twelve Factols to discuss the details.

Garshan hires the Companions to find the Shattered Temple and recover the blood of Aoskar – and Vidalgo Lassar is also looking for the temple and blood.

The Companions also realize that Alex (Alexandra from the Gloomwrought Harskells) had followed them from Gloomrot. A quick disguise helped conceal her identity.

Garshan does some divination rituals to find the temple, gathering mention of the “Master of Bones” who is also searching for the Temple. Surina, Tzira, Alex and Garshan head to the Lower Ward to investigate the Master of Bones (Lothar the Old) while Thorngrim and Naurak attempt to find Vidalgo Lassar’s agents and observe them.

Thorngrim and Naurak find that Vidalgo is apparently the representative of the continent of Kesslin. They weren’t particularly welcome, but at least are able to figure out which room he’s supposed to be in.

The rest of the Companions head to the Master of Bones, taking a ladder in a hole in the ground leading to a cavernous library well below ground where they find a were-rat and an old, bearded man. They make a deal to share whatever they find with him, and he tells them about the temple.

Once the Temple to Aoskar, the god of gates, it was destroyed by the Lady of Pain. The priests were among the first thrown down into the ditch. If the Companions can recover the skeleton of Shekelor, the last high priest, the Master of Bones might be able to get more information on the temple.

The Master of Bones also explains that the Lady of Pain disappeared 9 months ago – when the temporal disturbance was caused in Delos.

Heading to an inn in the Market Ward, the Companions find their old friend Kaelvar playing dice in a tavern. Tzira attacks him with a hug and barely avoids being instinctively attacked. Apparently he is hunting Vadalgo, of course, but hasn’t been able to find him.

Resting for the evening and heading back to the Master of Bones to be lead to the bottom of the Ditch in the Hive, meeting with Tattershade, the king of were-rats. The Companions promise him a “regal appearance” if they all come back alive.

The Companions follow the rivers of caustic chemicals deeper into the pit, coming to hole where all the flows fall deeper underground, finding a bebelith waiting for prey.

Combat ensues!

After defeating the bebelith, the Companions go down the hole to find Sigil is built on the material of the gates. The “Golden Orb of Baramas” began to glow, illuminating hairline cracks in the black stone, which start to glow themselves. Six beholders begin to coalesce out of the light.

Combat ensues!

During the fight, the Orb whispers promises of power to Surina, and then Tzira when she refused it.

Gasharn was petrified during the fight, but his familiar teleported him back to the school, leaving instructions and details for the remaining tasks with Surina.



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