Death and Near-Death in Gloomwrought

Dwarves have six spare lungs, right?

Derek fun points: 7
  • Dread Pirate Roberts: encounter, push adjacent enemies 1 sq
  • Extra Batteries: recharge magic item power
  • Use the Force: reroll attack roll
  • Keep a Clear Head: immune to daze until the end of the encounter
Alchemical Items:
  • Keen Oil x5 each to Tzira, Surina and Naurak (used 3) (minor, crit on 19-20 until end of next turn)
  • Woundpatch x1 to Naurak & Surina, x2 to Thorngrim (minor, +10 hp when spend healing surge)
  • Acidic Fire (lvl 15) x1 (+18 Reflex, burst 1 in 10, 2d6 fire + ongoing 5 acid)
  • Sovereign Glue (lvl 8) x1
  • Slow-step Oil (lvl 13) x1 (standard, +16 Fort, slowed) to Surina
  • Dragonfire Tar (lvl 13) (+16 Reflex, range 5/10, ongoing 10 fire)
  • Bloodstinger Poison (lvl 13) x2 (standard, +16 Fortitude, ongoing 5 poison) one to Naurak & one to Surina
  • Alchemist’s Frost (lvl 11) x2 (+14 Reflex, range 5/10, 2d10 cold and slowed, half on miss)
  • Alchemist’s Fire (lvl 11) x2 (+14 Reflex, burst 1 in 10, 3d6 fire, half on miss)
Total Treasure Remaining:
  • 17,994 gp
Treasure to sell:
  • Bloodcurse Rod +1 (168 gp)
  • Quickcurse Rod +2 (520 gp)
  • Repulsion Leather Armor +2 (520 gp)
  • Elven Boots (1,800 gp)
  • 3,008 gp total

Heading to the graveyard to rescue Mirana, the Companions stop by the vampire brothel to see if they know anything about the cults residing there, since they include a pack of vampires called the Charnel Things.

They explain that Grigori and Nikolai lead the Charnel Things, feeding on the destitute of Gloomwrought. Apparently Nikolai is the smart one, but he has no tongue and the pair is difficult to bargain with – they can only be bribed with food.

The Companions, unwilling to just toss some unfortunates to the vampires, decide to take their chances in a negotiation. Encountering the brothers in the graveyard, the Companions convinced Grigori that they don’t taste very good and clearing out the Vecnites would give him more territory to control. Nikolai intimates that he wouldn’t overthrow his brother, but he wouldn’t attack him either. The group debates playing vampire kingmaker but doesn’t take any immediate action. Surina does announce that she intends to kill Grigori after the Vecnites are destroyed. This news pleases Nikolai.

Nikolai leads us to the Vecnite domain where, shockingly -

Combat ensued!

The Companions defeat the undead banderhobs and the Vecnites, recovering some blank parchments that required a special candle to make the ink appear.

One of the scrolls read: I’ve just received word from my spies in the Drowned Ward that the Six have arrived in the city. Our master must have the woman who is with them—Mirana. He bids you capture her and hold her until further notice. See that she is not killed.

Another read: It seems that in order to disguise itself from our agents, the Blade of Kas has transformed itself into an axe. My associates in the City of Brass tell me that Bashamgurda has acquired the weapon and is seeking something called the Kulkor Obelisk in exchange for it. I have seen where Rolan keeps this obelisk, and I am negotiating with him in an effort to acquire it.

A final scroll read: The Hand has been recovered and provided a wellspring of information on these so-called heroes, which we are now calling “the Six.” Assuming that the Six managed to put down the Prince of Frost, it is more important than ever that we stop them and secure the Name. I shall advise you further when I learn more.

All three were written in the same handwritten, marked with flourishes reminiscent of the Primoridial language.

  • +4 harvester’s staff (given to Plovian)

The Companions had Nikolai lead Mirana out of the graveyard while they met with his brother.

Returning to Grigori, the Companions attack him.

Combat ensues!

The Companions destroy the vampire and his minions.

  • +4 totem of the ravenous beast (given the Thorngrim)

The Companions head to the crooked tower of Deleris a’Lindesta, the Sage of History, to ask about the origin of Prince Roland, the Sire of Shadows. A grey-eyed eladrin who is clearly insane greets them afte they knock. The eladrin claims to know little about Roland’s history, but he’s hides something behind his madness.

He shared little before Tzira set off the magical alarms upstairs and caused the insane eladrin to summon demons and attack the Companions.

Combat ensues!

The Companions barely manage to defeat his demons and knock the eladrin unconscious.



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