Assault on the Chamber of Eyes

The heroes confront the Bloodreavers and rescue the orcs' captives

So the heroes traveled with their guide down the Road of Shadows to the Chamber of Eyes. Along the way, they passed several chambers shooting off from the main hall, twisting off into darkness. The road itself traveled a circuitous path, which the party followed until they came upon a large, ponderous stone door. A large eye carved into the dull, gray stone dominated the center, with various eyes surrounding it. As Thorn touched the door to push it open, all of the eyes shifted, as if suddenly aware, focusing on her for but a moment before snapping back to their previous, motionless forms. Leaving the guide outside, they entered…

Inside, the heroes found many rooms filled with orcs, all fanatically loyal to Krand. After fighting their way through several rooms, the heroes discovered many black-haired women chained to the walls. Among them was Thorn’s missing friend. After questioning one of the orcs whom they kept alive (Kaelvar dangled him upside down by his ankle from a tall ledge), they secured their prisoner upside down by the chains with which the women were kept prisoner. However, seeing no utility in the prisoner, Thorn promptly sliced his throat with her scythe, sending his miserable soul to the Raven Queen.

Moving on, the heroes defeated the last of Krand’s guards and found that the orc vanished down a hidden trapdoor. Wasting no time, Kaelvar rushed down the ladder after him, landing in a chute filled with swift-flowing water, which swept him several hundred feet and finally dumped him out along the lower docks of Thunderport…
As the aerial battle over Thunder Lake ensued, Krand was pulled from his manticore by Tzira and fell into the lake below. Thorngrim also went for a swim but, although incapacitated by the fall, he was saved by several creatures he would later remember as 'aquatic elves'. However, Thorn was eventually able to drag him back to the surface and back up onto her mount. Meanwhile, Surina and Dalarina pursued and shot down the remaining orc.

Eventually Zerrixa and the other dark-haired women were taken back to the Half Moon Inn in Thunderport. Exhausted from the day's activities, the adventurers retired to their rooms at the inn. Gentoo's night was cut short, however, when he awoke to find several blades being shoved into his ribcage. Employing a bit of magic, he left the room with a pop, after which his companions were able to swiftly dispatch two of what appeared to be doppelganger-like creatures and take a third hostage. Unusually undaunted, Gentoo selected another room in which to sleep; the rest of the band soon followed suit.



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